SpeedStrap Adjustable Tie-Back

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Used in combination with a ratchet tie down, simply attach to the front or rear of your vehicle. Adjust the tie back and set it to ensure the proper vehicle positioning every time. Includes built in soft-tie ends that allow you wrap the strap around A-Arms or Axles without scratching the paint. Available in black or red.

How Tie-Backs Work:

These don't have a ratchet, but just a simple 3 bar slide that allows you to set the length of the tie-back.  If you're putting the same UTV on the same trailer every time, these tie-backs make things simpler and quicker.  Simply attach to the front or rear of your vehicle, adjust the length of the tie back so that the UTV is sitting on the trailer where you want it, and then use ratchet straps on the other end of the vehicle to tighten everything down. Next time you use them, the tie-backs will already be set to the length you need!

Made In America