PRP 4.2 Harness for RZR or Can-Am Driver Side

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This 4 point harness with 2" belts provides great comfort and safety for UTV’s. The 4.2 harness has sewn in shoulder pads that stop chaffing on the neck and add extra comfort, especially on long rides. Includes all black hardware for cool styling, and EZ adjusters on the shoulders. The EZ adjusters allow you to adjust your shoulder straps quickly, even if they are dirty or muddy. The 4.2 features an automotive style latch on the lap belt, which provides a quick and easy release that anyone can use.

For all 2015+ RZR’s and Can-Am X3 models, if the drivers seat belt is not clicked in, the computer will limit the speed of the vehicle to 15mph. When you install harnesses on those models, you lose the ability to click in. The computer doesn’t know if your wearing your seat belt or not. What we did with this harness is integrate the stock connector right into the design. No overrides or bypasses needed. Its retains it’s factory function, and keeps that safety feature as it was intended to be used. Installation is easy, all you have to do is unplug the old connector and plug in our new one attached to the harness. (Only needed for Drivers Seat)