PRP 5th Point Crotch Belts

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Standard Non-Certified

Perfect if you already own our 4.3 Harness, but want to add a 5th point connection. Sold individually. Only available in black. Works with latch and link buckle systems.

Not SFI Approved

SFI 16.1 Certified Cam-Lock Or Latch & Link Style

With PRP’s new Adjustable 5th Point Crotch Belt for Latch and Link and Cam-Lock Harnesses you can quickly adjust the length of a 5-point belt. This makes it easy to improve the safety and comfort of each rider!

The benefit of a 5-point strap is to keep the lap belt in the right spot on your hips. Proper adjustment of the 5th point belts prevents the harness from riding up. Without a 5th point, tightening the shoulder belts can pull the lap belts up too high on your waist making it uncomfortable and unsafe.

No more under-seat adjustments! The Adjustable 5-point crotch belt features a built-in adjuster at the top that makes it quick and easy to adjust each time you buckle in or re-adjust for various-sized riders.

Available with a Latch and Link, or Cam-Lock style connect depending on your harness.

Sold individually.

SFI 16.1 Certified.