PRP Honda Talon XCR Front Seats With Mounts

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Add more comfort and containment to your Honda Talon with PRP’s XCR Suspension UTV Seat Kit. The XCR’s new features include a removable seat cushion, a 5th-point harness slot, and all-new modern styling.

The XCR features side bolsters towards the front that gives you some containment for when the ride gets rough. But the seat has open bolsters at the hips, which allow you to use OEM 3-point seat belts, and make it easy to use with retractable harnesses. Low side bolsters make it much easier to get in and out of the vehicle and to get lap belts tightened.

The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or dunes. The removable seat cushion gives you lots of comfort on long rides, allows mud, sand, and water to drain out the bottom of the seat, and includes a 5th point slot for harnesses.

Overall, this Honda Talon UTV Seat Kit is great for trail riding, or when you need to consistently get in and out of your seat on rides. Constructed from durable and water-resistant vinyl, it’s easy to clean after a weekend of getting dirty and dusty.

The Honda Talon Kit Features two XCR Seats, and adapter mounts to fit into the front of your Honda Talon or Talon 4. The adapter mounts attach to your OEM sliders allowing you to install the seat and retain the ability to slide back and forth. 


  • Kit features two XCR Seats and adapter mounts for the front seats of your Honda Talon
  • The XCR is PRP’S latest UTV seat with dual slot headrests
  • Low-sided containment makes it easy to get in and out
  • Open side bolsters that work with OEM seatbelts, and retractable harnesses, and allow for easy lap belt adjustment
  • A great seat for trail riding, or when you’re constantly getting in and out on rides
  • Removable seat cushion with 5th point slot – Mesh drain makes it easy to clean allowing mud/water/sand to drain through
  • Constructed from durable and water-resistant vinyl
  • The seats suspension liner and steel frame construction decrease the impact on the body and reduce fatigue after a long day of riding
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