SpeedStrap Heavy Duty Through The Wheel Tie Down Kit

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SpeedStrap’s 2″ x 12′ Heavy Duty Wheel Lasso Tie-Down Kit is a great way to lock the wheels of your vehicle down to the trailer. These tie straps hold the tire down tight to the trailer and can be used on almost any size tire.

Rated at a 3,333 lb Safe Working Load (SWL) and a 10,000 lb Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC), these 2″ tie-straps are built to the highest quality! Each premium ratchet mechanism features our signature, wide handle, comfort grip, and protective end caps on the barrels to protect your rig from dings or scratches.


Regular tie-downs that connect to the frame or bumper are not the ideal way to secure your vehicle. As you travel down the road, the vehicle will still float up and down on the suspension. Tie-downs anchored above the suspension will flex and move, loosening or tightening while the tires stay put. The best solution to avoid this movement is to attach directly to the tires which are grounded to the trailer.

Wheel Lasso Tie-Downs run through or over the wheel & tire, keeping the vehicle secure and grounded to the trailer for the duration of your journey. While still allowing the vehicle to float on its suspension naturally.

The Heavy Duty Wheel Lasso Tie-Down Kit provides four tire bonnets, four SpeedWraps, and a convenient carrying bag.


Take the strap end of the tie-down and run it through or over the wheel, then feed it through the D-Ring, and then back into the ratchet barrel. Pull tight and ratchet the tire down tight to your trailer. The tie-down creates a loop that tightens against the wheel and can fit pretty much any size tire. Since you’re only running the strap webbing through the wheel, it can work with almost any spoke style, unlike a metal hook that may not fit and can scratch your wheel.


4 – Heavy Duty Wheel Lasso Tie Downs

4 – SpeedWraps – The simplest thing makes a world of difference. This double-sided hook n’ loop strap is perfect for securing any loose straps from flying in the wind. They’re also great for wrapping around the ratchets when stored, to keep everything neat and tidy.

1 – Large Tool Bag – Keep everything neat and organized