Trinity Racing Washable Air Filters

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No longer is there a need to risk dust and dirt entering and damaging your SxS's engine!  Trinity Racing air filters are designed for the most grueling conditions your SxS will encounter and will keep your engines clean!

One of the first and most important things you can do for your vehicle is to eliminate the factory air filter problems. Trinity Racing offers replacement, reusable air filters that eliminate engine damaging dust and dirt. 

Protect your engine and Save Money!

In less than a minute your Trinity Racing filter performance is fully restored! Trinity Racing filters are also washable for long life performance and value. These washable filters are extremely easy to clean. Be sure to blow our your filter using an air compressor from the inside out, and rinse with a garden hose the same way. This way you ensure all dirt is leaving the outside of the filter where it is built up.

Available for These SxSs


  • RZR XP1000(2014-2023)
  • RZR XP Turbo(2016-2021)
  • RZR XP Turbo S(2018-2021)
  • RZR Pro XP(2020-up)
  • RZR Turbo R(2022-up)
  • RZR Pro R(2022-up)


  • Maverick X3 Turbo(All Models 2017-up)
  • Maverick X3 RR(All Models 2017-up)


  • Teryx KRX1000(2020-up)